The Baby-Sitters Club Club

Jack Shepherd and Tanner Greenring discuss the classic Baby-Sitters Club novels of Ann M. Martin in chronological order. Get ready to look with new eyes at the timeless adventures of Kristy, Mary Anne, Claudia, Stacey, and I guess Dawn. And probably Mallory too. Fine, and Jessi.
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The Baby-Sitters Club Club


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Nov 28, 2016

Deep inside Stoneybrook Middle School is a waypoint, a marker in time from which a thousand timelines diverge, like ripples in a stream. It's where the dance is: The still point of the turning world. The dance in this case is the Halloween Hop, and the ripple in time that we're focused on this week is a ripple in which someone sent Kristy fingernail clippings in the mail, which I guess is what amounts to romance these days. Anyway, Kristy has a mystery admirer, and it's creepier than that sounds. 

Music credits:

“Electro Breaks Loop,” by Technoaxe, CC
“Miles Away,” by Oxzide, CC
“Road Less Traveled,” by Jonny Easton, CC
Thanks, as always, to original baby boy Scott Lamb for the intro music, and Superbrat for the outro music. 
Nov 21, 2016

Tanner checks in with Jack all the way from Paris to talk about Dawn's latest escapade with a gross older man named Travis. It's a Dawn book, so there are some inevitable religious undertones to deal with, but the main issue is the creepiness of Dawn and Travis's relationship, a topic that is treated with all the gravity that Tanner's atrocious French accent can muster. 

Music credits:

“Happy Chances,” by Nicolai Heidlas 
“Let the Beat Drop,” by Anton Markus
Nov 14, 2016

Are all of us simply “the sat,” whose collective will is bent and shaped by the whims of some grand, cosmic Sitter, or do we shape our own destinies? Do we exist in some liminal state between the two, all of us both Sitter and Sat? Perhaps each of us is just living out a different manifestation of one of Jackie Rodowsky’s multitudinous lives? Find out the answers to all these questions on this week’s Baby-Sitter’s Club Club.

Music Credits:
"Scenes from Childhood, Op. 15 - XII. Child Falling Asleep” by Robert Schumann - Performed by Donald Betts
"Very Low Note” by Kevin MacLeod
"Damn Daniel! [Trap Remix]” by Dennibro

And as always, thanks to Scott Lamb and Superbrat for our theme tunes.

Nov 7, 2016

Pack up your sleeping bags and your bug spray because Jack and Tanner (and special guest Natalie) are going to summer camp! They're joined by the usual cast of characters – among them, an uncharacteristically amorous Mary Anne, a typically nefarious Logan Bruno, and an especially tragic Jackie Rodowsky – and everyone's excited to swim in the lake, sing camp songs, and help Claudia negotiate the infinite sadness of a tragically doomed love affair. A little bit extra this week, Baby Nation, because it's a gosh darn Super Special. Super Special #2 - Baby-Sitters Summer Vacation. 

Music Credits:

“Hoist the Sails,” by Luke West
“dubstep-Gio-B3ats,”  by Gio-B3ats
“Sea of Dreams,” by Mark Barnwell
“You Gotta Have Theremin and Ukulele,” by SquidLord
“Lake of Tears,” by Michael J. Burkard 
“Lost Love,” by Lionel Schmitt
Special thanks to Natalie Johanesen for guest starring, to original Baby Boy Scott Lamb for the intro, and Superbrat for the outro.